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Through countless hours of engineering and testing, IMCO now offers the latest generation of drive systems, the Xtreme Advantage SC. The unique two piece internal I-beam configured gear case, stainless steel top cap and tempered steel alloy press fit tower, greatly increases the drive strength. The net forged, straight gears and rigid pinion system are stabilized with a full box type housing with upper and lower reinforced flanges.

HD Gimbal
Now you can eliminate the weak link in your drive train and run without the worry of mechanical failure. The HD Gimbal Housing gives your drive the strength it needs. Check these IMCO, HD Gimbal super features:
The HD Gimbal Housing uses a thicker than stock casting.
The HD helmets have been beefed up in all critical areas - including the pin locations that are prone to failure.
The HD Gimbal lower swivel pin is 40% stronger than original.
The HD Gimbal has a removable bearing pack for easy maintenance.
The HD Gimbal nameplate can be simply unscrewed for access to the upper swivel shaft nut, without removing the housing from the transom.
HD rings are designed with additional mass to increase strength, reliability and side load strength.
HD stainless steel hinge pins and upper swivel shafts are included with HD rings.
Match up the new IMCO HD Gimbal to other proven IMCO drive components such as "Xtreme Advantage" steering, tilt rams and drives - - and run with the pros.